Sweet fruit join details Tianquan

snacks in what kind of products the most healthy, Xiaobian you list, the most healthy course is nuts, then is dried, candied fruit. Today Xiaobian recommend dried fruit to join the brand.

the fruit of a fruit that is in a dry state when it is ripe or the fruit it is processed. The fruit in the fully mature, because of many different moisture, and were dried and fleshy fruit, mature skin dry fruit called nuts. Dried fruit and fruit cracking and indehiscent fruit, they are rich in protein, vitamins, lipids etc.. Sweet fruit from Xinjiang Tianquan, fruit has rich nutrition, is a very popular product, so how to join


joined the details of dried sweet spring

join conditions:

1, with a sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, in the region has a certain channel influence;

2, familiar with the local market, with a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources;

3, there are more professional marketing team is responsible for channel development, to maximize the channel to achieve;

4, can fully tap their own channels and resources to carry out full publicity and promotion work;

5, to strictly implement the policies we have formulated.

join fee:

Municipality / provincial capital city 330 thousand yuan; prefecture level city of 203 thousand yuan; county-level city of 104 thousand and 500 yuan.

join process:

detailed understanding of the project – > message advice – > customer service acceptance – > fill in the application form – > Audit – > audit by – > signed an agent agreement – > agent identity confirmation

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