N multi sushi brand recommendation

the hearts of our ordinary people is the most delicious Japanese cuisine sushi, sushi production is simple, comprehensive nutrition, so good food can not let consumers like.

sushi originated in Japan, but as early as 200 years after that, China has begun to spread "sushi" this kind of food, in the dictionary is interpreted as salt, vinegar, rice and fish made of food. Sushi is Steamed Rice cabbage meat form, gradually spread to China, become people’s favorite delicacy snacks. N sushi is one of the many brands, popular street, a wide range of vegetables sushi, meat sushi, best-selling market.

N multi sushi brand recommended

N sushi is the first feature of health, can fully lock the nutrition of food, will not waste a little vitamin, a little protein. Eat it, more healthy, more beautiful, some sushi sushi, no oil, more healthy, rice does not add any ingredients, direct cooking, is completely healthy, green cooking methods. Sushi and low calorie, low sugar, do not worry about eating fat.

N multi sushi to join the brand’s second feature is fresh, each food has a guarantee, the freshest, most nutritious, delicious food made out of natural delicious. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, fresh road at the cost of raw materials from the source to order all kinds of ingredients, the first time by air to the Department of cold storage, and sent to the company’s quality inspection departments for pesticide residues, heavy metal detection. Since then, the food is not only delicious, but also very fresh.

Third features of

N multi sushi is a fashion, beautiful appearance and lovely, the shop also sold a cartoon animal image of sushi, in order to meet the people’s demand of the taste buds at the same time, also let people feel the delicacy of art. As a popular fashion snack on the street, fresh sushi has gradually become a representative of fashion life, a symbol of popular culture. Whether adults or children, are put into the store.

N multi sushi joined many advantages, not only fresh, healthy, but also very fashionable, is currently popular snack food, very popular in the market. Open a sushi shop, do not need too much area, ten square meters is enough, a little bigger, then you can also open a sixty square meters, easy to shop, worry free earned.

the above is the simple introduction of N sushi to join the brand, if you need to understand what the brand and other aspects of the problem, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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