Second tier cities entrepreneurs encounter two major problems

now China has a very strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, prompting more and more young people embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, the first tier cities entrepreneurial resources are more concentrated, but the competition is fierce, second tier cities suffered a dilemma problem, but there is little competitive pressure advantage. So what are the two major problems of second tier cities? Come and see.

"in July this year, we will now put this cafe is a part of the division incubator, has identified several settled team. A lot of people do you want to do what they want to do, they say I want to open a bookstore, flower shop, coffee shop, there are really many people who have good ideas. Government support for entrepreneurship, incubators are relatively small." Play poly tiger on titanium Media Editor said.


Efforts to support entrepreneurship

short board talent gap caused by innovation

2013 years after the start of the thinking of the fire, in Nanchang, there are a lot of entrepreneurs interested in the Internet to become members of this program, there is a line of communication between members of the opportunity to discuss the Internet business. But because of the lack of capital and talent, the Internet business success is recommended slightly

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