What are the rankian VATS barbecue mode of cooperation

barbecue delicious, but many people do not dare to eat this is why? Because barbecue unsanitary phenomenon is common, no barbecue on the body even if it is delicious, people will not be so unscrupulous to eat. But today Xiaobian to recommend this brand can not be the same. Rankian VATS barbecue, because of its exquisite workmanship, exquisite ingredients, unique recipe, novel, convenient health, delicious taste and win the favor of consumers. Rankian VAT barbecue in Yanbian area unique smokeless barbecue special stainless steel table, smokeless stove.

The main ingredients of

rankian VATS barbecue products from the headquarters unified distribution to the terminal around the store, refused to sell, this is not only beneficial to the protection of the project in the local characteristics and advantages, but also can help them quickly occupy the local market.


cylinder barbecue rankian

to provide customers with quick and thoughtful customer service service, ensure that customers receive timely service, according to customer needs, and meet the need of market competition, to ensure that the interests of entrepreneurs, customer service service system has formulated.

The right to use the

trademark: free use of "rankian VATS barbecue" image design.

Name: entrepreneurs in the right amount not to complete, can be selected operating region, taking part of pre pay retention priority to keep the regional quota.

right: the right to apply for buyout partners management buyout of county-level cities.

agency priority: under the same conditions, the joint venture shall enjoy the priority of the regional general agent.

regional protection rights: within the same region limited development cooperation, strict business district protection.

priority to renew the contract: after the expiration of the contract, the partners are willing to continue to cooperate, you can renew the contract.

guidance before opening: free store decoration design, business training, supporting technical training, opening gifts.

After the opening of the

guidance: booking into the store to help, the whole business guidance, holiday promotions guidance, timely delivery of new product information.

order: the right to purchase logistics distribution of goods to make entrepreneurship tonic consistent from beginning to end, who worry about the company, consignment agent, ensure goods efficiently and safely to the customer location.

rankian VATS barbecue join conditions;

1, identity "Lang"

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