The introduction of the supply chain of infant and young children

would like to change the current status of their own entrepreneurial people are many, many people in the choice of projects is also very attention to detail, now a lot of entrepreneurs to be self-employed, some entrepreneurs now see the parents of the baby very seriously, to choose their own open infant supplies chain stores, so, what are the purchase channels?

infant supplies chain stores are the main purchase channels? Regional agents purchase: in order to quickly enter the national market, most brands by maternal and child development form the development of regional market agents, such as the development of the provincial agency, the municipal agency, the region’s retailers need to through their arrival here, agents make the difference through profit. In some important markets, the brand will set up offices, or branch is directly responsible for the mature market will be used in the form of large brands. The channel brand mainly in milk, diapers, daily necessities and other FMCG products.

infant supplies chain stores are the main channels to purchase wholesale trade? Website: the most commonly used than the Alibaba, which is mainly for some wholesale products, toys, if supplies, baby stroller, crib, but these are mainly low-end consumer products, there are few well-known brands, for some consumption ability is the three line market. People have higher requirements for milk, diapers, bottles, etc. this kind of product quality, if it is through wholesale channels of purchase, so even in the low-end consumer market, consumers will not buy, must not be a pursuit of cheap.

infant supplies chain stores are the main channels to purchase orders? The exhibition site: many retailers choose to order industry exhibition site, exhibition site a large number of products to provide sufficient choice for them, but also can directly face the manufacturers, more conducive to lower prices to get the goods. However, many retailers said that the exhibition industry large quantity is limited, and most are in the field of travel, the cost is very high, and the show time is very limited, two or three days are very busy, it is difficult to seriously understand each product, so visiting yaosuanbeiteng. If no one help Kandian, also closed a few days, the loss is not small.

infants and young children to open chain stores the main channel of purchase which brand manufacturers purchase: experienced people know that the lowest price through direct brand manufacturers purchase. There is no intermediate layer to extract profits, retailers directly to the ex factory price to get the product, you can reduce the price of about 10 points. Sales of such products, not only can get higher profits, consumers have access to affordable, easy to become loyal customers, improve the local competitiveness of stores. However, the direct contact with the brand is not an easy thing, not only the lack of information, and a large number of goods is difficult to contact a different brand, time-consuming.

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