Precise analysis of the five main reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship does not look at regre

not all the rewards are paid, as not every entrepreneur can succeed. As the success of the one percent, he also made a series of errors: in the beginning the blind pursuit of the tall, the company headquarters moved to the United States, again found The climate does not suit one. moved back to Hangzhou; the growth period of rapid expansion, high operating costs, lead to substantial layoffs; blindly believe in airborne, large-scale introduction of occupation managers today. Now please have "collective killed"; O2O

missed the chance?

this paper analyzes five major reasons most easily lead to business failure, for entrepreneurs reference.

1. people don’t

The first is the founder /

again is a team member. Founder of many start-ups no problem, no problem with the partner, the market is no problem, business model is no problem, but still not able to develop rapidly, mostly because hiring a mediocre person. The quality of your products and services depends on the people you hire – developers, operators, and sales staff. If the company’s core team is mediocre, then the products and services are doomed to mediocrity.

2. target not

One of the most common mistakes in

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