BYD knocked the mass solid line to change lanes to let hot lead

car more and more cases, traffic accidents are also more and more, there is an accident, there is traffic law loopholes drilling. Recently, a popular BYD knocked news has aroused netizens hot, really let a solid line to change lanes?

in such an accident, must first clear two points: first, the driving quality and what brand, what level of car, a simple brand of disdain chain is not in the discussion of the accident; second, some spray BYD owners after the accident is not the first time off to rescue.

pay in accordance with the regulations, motor vehicle lane violation are the following:

1, in the process of running, pressing line, single and double yellow lines;

2, in the prohibition of parking sections, temporary or long-term parking;

3, without allowing the road turn left turn, left turn prohibition of intersections, all belong to a lane violation. On the ground that the prohibition of marking solid yellow line and no parking signs, press up that lane violation.

4, according to the road intersection is not running in the corresponding lane marking guide, belonging to the same lane violation.   according to regulations, draw the line in the highway have dotted line and discontinuous points, generally does not affect the normal running of the vehicle in the other case can be broken line changing lanes, but is not the solid line at the lane change.

on the Internet, some argue that: why can’t BYD courteous to the public? For this recommendation

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