Online women’s agents need to pay attention to what risks

now online transaction has widely existed in all aspects of life, in the online business already has not do strange things, it is because people are chasing the trend of enterprise, so it is very easy to encounter some entrepreneurial trap. Online women’s agents need to pay attention to what issues? I believe there are a lot of businesses want to know, look at it together.

: out of stock



manufacturers no part or failed to fulfill the original promise of rebates, bonuses and promotions, Advertising Age for dealers to advance the money and goods etc..

shrink agent area, but for the inventory of goods indifferent, agents need to know, especially underwear bra products, once broken intermediate code, the code must both be hard to sell, resulting in unnecessary losses.

for the new agent brand manufacturers will have a first purchase limit, although manufacturers will also promised in a certain period of time can be exchanged, but unlike other underwear products, any style is not possible in the one or two months can be recognized by the market, so more than a time, manufacturers may be limited in exchange hand.


manufacturers market management caused by lack of other agents Cuanhuo to their region, causing confusion in the market, the price confusion, while agents image damaged.


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