Young entrepreneurs see the nternet +

China’s current generation of young people is almost accompanied by the growth of the Internet together, they have a typical Internet thinking, when they enter the field of entrepreneurship, the Internet has become an essential tool for entrepreneurship.

for the University’s academic home, evening snacks do not have to tangle from the bed onto the next step which foot, just download the "59Store" developed by APP, the online order, can call across more than 1 thousand and 800 universities "dormitory manager", in 5 minutes to eat hot Teng Teng instant noodles, delicious chicken……

and then move to family life. "C.Smart smart Home Furnishing system" has realized the intelligent control of all electrical node implanted family, consisting of a stable to the smart host as the core of the Internet, at home or at home by mobile phone to control all appliances.

human can have Afanda tentacles?

"push" founder Fang Yi described the future several years after an ordinary day: all the furniture will have a screen function, can meet the readers’ interest in browsing news when brushing away from home; all power will be cut off; after entering the destination vehicle will automatically drive……

"after the mobile phone terminal will be similar to Afanda’s tentacles, tentacles and can communicate with each other through all things in the world, realize the function of super human organs." Fang Yi said.

in "59Store" co-founder Cao Lifa opinion, the future of things, the Internet will be integrated into the future, people and people, people and the communication can occur whenever and wherever possible.

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