Do not believe in Entrepreneurship underground lending

a lot of people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but there is no enough money as a support, so many people will choose to borrow underground. As everyone knows, these can be seen everywhere in the underground lending, many are deceptive, cheated countless cases. So, do not believe in Entrepreneurship underground lending.

12 15, graduate student Li told reporters about his experience of "microcredit" trap: according to the experience of mobile phone text messages to provide contact with loans, not only did not borrow, also cheated 1000 yuan interest". And around us, such as Mike fell into the underground lending trap has a lot of people. Reporters also found that the "underground lending trap in Shenyang almost everywhere, even the street pavement is filled with" borrowing small poster and contact telephone number……

victims experience falling into the micro loan trap

reader Li is just graduated from college students, want to buy a house in Shenyang.

because the price is too high, she has not enough for the first payment and worry. At this time, small loans initiative came. In mid November, mobile phone Li received a text message, the content is: Guangtai Trading Ltd. is to provide small loans without collateral, such as loans, telephone consultation.

Li try to hold the psychological phone call. Answer the phone is a foreign accent woman, she told him: you just need to provide a copy of the ID card and the account, we can give you a loan." It’s quite formal. Li eyes bright, thought he had a house to buy.

Mike with documents, came with the company about a good location. But after the agreed time, she did not see anyone. While she was worried, the phone rang. It is the company’s staff, she said: we want to examine your company’s ability to repay, you give us 1000 yuan interest." Then she offered a bank card number. Mike loans eager to put the money to the exchange in the past.

money in the past but not long, the other phone calling again: "our company has a program, just want to see you in the end there is no ability to repay, you have to give us 3000 yuan exchange money interest, we can give you the loan." At this point, there is a feeling of being cheated by a friend in a friend persuaded her to decide not to lend.

she asked the company to return 1000 yuan of money that had been remitted. The female staff quibble: "the money has been handed over to the finance, can only wait until the end of November in order to return." At the end of November, Li did not receive the return of the money. Xiao Li called again to ask, the other phone is turned off.

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