Understand the arena rules to join.

join is a big cake full of temptation, but there are a lot of "cake" which hides a lot of scam more in name than in reality. Find a good project venture, many grassroots investors have been the pursuit of the dream, in fact, the project is also a circle of rivers and lakes, if you do not understand this arena, then it is difficult for investors to succeed! The network business the first step by communicating with some senior members of project circle, summarizes some practical rules for investors, investors hope to help entrepreneurs have options, but not easily enter, join the project fraud trap.

"seeingbelieving" in the eyes of many investors, this is an everlasting saying. But small series to tell entrepreneurs, in this circle, this sentence is not applicable.

because crooks too familiar with the psychology of investors in this circle, you have to look at the model shop, no problem, he will be ready to give you a fake, even buy goods are "extras"; you have to look at the store, there is no problem, he will give you a franchise while the role of this franchise, is the only person who wants to join the reception; you have to look at the equipment, no problem, he will give you the most perfect preparation equipment is a set of functions, but once you join, equipment will change…… These are joined the project trap.

how selected items? In fact, there are many methods, a simple and effective method, is that investors such as the number of stores in the town to join in the import business peak count, like restaurants, at lunch time, counting the number of meals, will be able to touch the crystal clear business; like production projects, distributed multi unannounced visits to a corresponding, will be on equipment price, product market understanding. Conversely, if investors do not want to eat this bitter, spend more money wronged, then the probability of failure is great.

Rule 2:

don’t expect chief marketing plan

Xiaobian to tell you, if you have such thoughts, then join the project from the trap is not far away!

for inexperienced investors, a good solution to the problem there are two: one is the undercover, some colleagues, to learn about the experience, although a waste of time, but learn to recommend

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