Restaurant opening budget should be how to plan the use of funds

investment shops need to do a lot of preparatory work before, the most important of which is when the number of planning the opening of the capital budget. Pocket money certainly can not open a good shop, then the budget should be how to plan it? Let’s look at the following to share with xiaobian.

A, opened the contents of the budget

1, the preparation period and the initial opening of the rent and the cost of pipe, utilities, etc.;

2, decoration decoration project cost;

3, the opening of a variety of materials procurement costs;

4, personnel recruitment and training costs;

5, staff wages and benefits during the preparation period;

6, market research and development costs;

7, before and after the opening of publicity and promotion costs;

8, the preparation period and the initial opening of office expenses;

9, the required start-up costs;

10, initial working capital;

11, some restaurants will involve the pipeline gas and power access and transformation costs;

12, should fully consider the risk of the catering business, not blindly optimistic that a business can operate well in your budget to consider at least three months to half year loss, so should be set aside part of the funds to compensate for the likely losses.

Mistakes and failures of

some of our catering entrepreneurs or investors may have such thoughts: try to throw a little less, as long as it can deal with the opening of the line, do not need to spend some money is not spent, some can be added later, to be opened after the business recovery funding later on.

standing in the investor’s perspective, seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, but seriously explore it, it is not: first, what the money, what money the province or provinces, the appropriate number of investors to consider is not reasonable and comprehensive, they are most likely to be ignored, are those that cannot but immediate, important, directly led to the opening of the preparatory work effect, leave a lot of risks for future business; secondly, holding can not lose the speculative mentality to do business, is not stand the test of market risk, if the restaurant opened smoothly is of course Amitabha, but if the early opening cannot make money fast. It will soon fall into a vicious spiral financial quagmire, or additional investment, or put up the shutters.

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