What kind of business model of investment custom wardrobe shop

custom furniture industry has always been a new development, if you want to invest in custom wardrobe store, then you want to do not want to choose what kind of business model? If you are not very good at this problem, you need to pay close attention to the relevant information, prepare for investment, choose a good start.

1, store shop

Some local

shop store location and priceless, the poor can only be divided in existing stores, regional, according to the brand VI design required by the manufacturer of small stores, unlike agency, shop in shop must have independent appearance, VI brand system independent, which is 50 square. The store, according to the requirements of manufacturers set up another door, and not the same store other products! Brand image display terminal to a certain extent! On the one hand, franchisees will not suffer from the store to store small, little investment is also some dealers like to see


2, exhibition hall

general factory hall more companies start directly under the central government, in the large city exhibition hall, for customers and consumers to join custom wardrobe exhibition experience, product variety, not only greatly increase transaction opportunities to establish brand image to the landmark building. Large decoration, decoration companies will also engage in a large hall or a brand, multi brand products, the use of the hands of the customer resources, to a more professional perspective for decoration customer introduction wardrobe series and related products, more easily sell



type Errenzhuan shop

Compared with the

store, general store shop business area is small, the general focus on building materials such as a street furniture store, for two or three people or so, the general manager, who is also the wife sales, design work, a husband scale, design installation, etc., in the "millet plus rifles" business model form, strength, or development to a certain extent, shop will gradually turn to large stores or flagship store, hiring more staff to take care of the store business, let the closet store business is more prosperous.

4, agent brand store

refers to the original building materials furniture (cabinets, hardware, furniture and other products) store on a set of custom wardrobe model, the customer to make it the wardrobe product out, one to the factory inside. The general brand does not consider this agent, compared to the wardrobe stores, the first agent wardrobe sales volume is not large, the probability of the problem is more, the most important thing is not the company’s image display, a trademark logo related to the product, brand development is restricted. But there are a lot of benefits for the new to the industry, all want to position themselves in the testing phase, in the "little investment, a single, money expansion recommended

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