Rotary space time to invest money to facilitate cross stitch

rotating space cross stitch good? In fact, the choice of entrepreneurship to join the rotation of space and time cross stitch project, is a very good business with the advantages of joining the project. Rotary space cross stitch join? The best choice for worry free business. So, what are you hesitating about?

Beijing rotary space and time science and technology development center, referred to as (rotary space-time) is a professional company engaged in the development of Arts and crafts, with large-scale production base. For the development of enterprises, the establishment of the domestic "top" process design master R & D team. From a single processing to independent development, design, production, chain operation, designed more than 1 thousand varieties, and exported to Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers. Rotary space cross stitch money making tips please enter > >

rotation of space and time to join the cross stitch protection

zero risk investment: the first batch of products after the completion of deposit interest free return and payment processing fees, let partners never worry about.

1. freedom of choice: partners can freely choose the type of processing products according to their own conditions, the actual situation and production capacity.

2. right to return freely: headquarters to ensure timely delivery, processing households found quality problems such as raw materials, may require the returned material at any time, the headquarters responsible for unconditional refund and compensation processing households so that the economic losses caused by!

3. service support: headquarters to provide the best operation of production programs and professional technical training. The production technicians tracking all problems to solve the processing of the production process, replacing your headquarters for your escort menace from the rear!

4. follow the right to development: such as processing households completed the first batch of processing tasks, funded by the headquarters support processing households registered in the local branch and branch management. Business license, tax registration certificate, production license, remote production authorization, factory implementation of independent accounting, the headquarters of a full range of support processing households interests, ensure profits alone!

5. funds to cash the right: processing fees approved batch, cash settlement, bank transfer and cash settlement. After the completion of the first batch of products, the headquarters will be prepaid processing households 50% of the processing costs of the next batch of products!

6. signing priority: under the same conditions, the processing has been more than the first processing households enjoy priority!

7.: financial assistance from headquarters funded rescue fund special processing, earmarking, return within a specified period of time. Processing households in case of cash flow difficulties or expand the scale, set up branch offices, can apply to the relief fund interest free loans. Avoid difficulties with cash flow

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