2015 Shanghai Valley global innovation contest held successfully

in the business boom after another Internet era, a variety of entrepreneurial competition were held, is to create a positive atmosphere of competition. However, the recent 2015 Shanghai Valley global innovation competition was successfully held, causing widespread concern in the community.

by the Shanghai Valley, Jiading hosted a venture, CIE chain alliance, jointly sponsored by the American Center for creative leadership "and" Forbes Chinese version, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of Silicon Valley’s 2015 global strategic cooperation innovation contest held in Jiading, Anting in the afternoon.

the open mode of operation, in the vertical industry for the series, the fusion zone of industrial resources, research resources, resources etc. existing advantages, attracting global entrepreneurs and innovation project. Three months of Shanghai Valley held a total of four games roadshow, hundreds of project teams involved in our game, roadshow site popular show in the present All seats are occupied., social innovation oriented enterprises will win more and more attention.

4 held 15 March Shanghai Valley Global Innovation Contest Finals, we invited to the Forbes Chinese version of the editor – Mr. Zhou Jiangong, deputy general manager of Jiading venture – Mr. Gu Like, senior director of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of Silicon Valley – Mr. Ge Chao, chairman of Cci Capital Ltd – Mr. Wang Xianqi five grass, Shenxia fund partner Mr. Wang Jinke as the final judges.

the final site of the competition by 5 enterprises from the project talent shows itself hundreds of enterprises in. From Holland, NIK brings the Internet clothing independent design, with large data, and medical technology can keep abreast of the status of the vehicle with magic car project attracts people’s attention.

Finally, by the

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