Three money and the principle of entrepreneurship in the process of the 631

many people once had the idea of entrepreneurship, they love their assets into it, so good, what did not fail, so success will generally follow the three money and 631 principles, so that in the end is what? Let Xiaobian you slowly to analysis!

we dare not venture, because there is no good asset allocation, many people began to put all the money into business, but business is a marathon, not to run the 100 meters, a lot of people to run the 100 meters in the spirit of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship will cause high risk. If you do a good job of asset allocation, know how to calculate the so-called three money in life, the risk can be controlled.

the first sum of money is the installation fee, also is to leave one or two years of family expenses; the second money is to put their money to stay, can be used in savings or safe investment, such as stocks, real estate or real estate fund; after the third money is deducted from the above two money, can be described as money the money, the money will be invested in business, if you earn can advance to enjoy life, if the compensation will not immediately affect the life.

in addition, for venture funds to manage the configuration, grasp the 631 golden ratio: the funds will be divided into ten parts, which is divided into six parts on the start-up costs, operating expenses, divided into three parts on the last 10% is the emergency reserve.

also must write a business plan. Business plan is not addressed to the bank to see, is for you, because this is done in the sandbox, put all the problems previously thought again, ready for anything, rather than think of what to do right now, until all the money to blame the priceless knew.

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