To open shop novice 6 suggestions

in fact for many novice entrepreneurs who, first in the network business when they are faced with many difficulties, at the same time, when the network business in the first time is often the lack of social experience, so we need to have some good advice.

1, as a novice, the baby shop needs specificity, rather than the need for diversity.

2, shop to have their own advantages or features.

if you have your own product characteristics that is good ah. Other people’s competitiveness is small, so it is easy to sell baby. But if there is no special products do not worry, you can find the price advantage, because the diamond seller Dongdong will generally profit oriented, and we are mainly to the credibility, so we started not care about profits. Of course, you can also from the quality or brand, find your style. Must have their own style. Even if it is the same operation of a product, but also to find their differences.

3, do not profit.

as the first sale. I think you’d better have such a plan, the profit is zero or even negative. When I was holding this attitude, so fifth days to sell the baby. So you don’t earn money because there is no Austrian side, instead because you will sell baby to thank the customers, give him the biggest discount. And he will also be grateful to you, so that you will be satisfied with your heart, and you will be satisfied with the next step.

4, shop standard. Eye catching.

the needless to say we all know, I think it is very important to make sure you see the first glance out of the ordinary, do not let her forget.

5, baby number.

This is the best

6, Wangwang online every day.

this for us beginners is very important, because we do not have the old customers, most people will never give us a message, unless our baby is only this one. So we want to open it is crucial. The other evening recommended 10

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