College students to make money online business

now the community college students venture has become very common, at the same time, there are many college students in the first venture, will shift the focus of the entire business network, then Xiaobian to introduce the story and also the students’ network business related.

network is necessary for everyone cannot do without in modern times, this is a contact with the best choice, in this industry, how to better carry out entrepreneurial career? Online business, how to make money? Seize the opportunity, how to do to get the return of wealth?

face incredible transaction size, Huang Chengsong calm, "this figure is still far from reaching saturation, you know, last year" double 11 "Tmall sold 13 billion 200 million yuan a day!"


"electricity supplier shopping" stranded

2008, studying at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the software professional Huang Chengsong has an entrepreneurial dream of the Internet, he helped the site to undertake outsourcing business, while the accumulation of venture capital. What is the most profitable online? In 2010 August, he graduated yet registered a Internet Co, the first project, was relatively prosperous electricity supplier shopping guide website, in simple terms, is that consumers through our platform channels, the purchase of other large electric products businesses, the cumulative integral, then we according to the integral accumulation of buyers, get the corresponding rebate." Huang Chengsong said.

however, and Huang Chengsong thought is not the same, this project is not successful, the development prospects of the company was very bleak. "Now, there are two main reasons for failure. First, homogenization phenomenon is serious, the country has dozens of such commercial shopping guide website, we have no capital advantage and the corresponding resource support, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger; second, the project itself is not much room for development, big business platform actually did not love this kind of shopping guide website, they are not willing to be their own profits this kind of website to squeeze." Recall the failure of entrepreneurship, Huang Chengsong see very clearly.


"free mode" work

in order to change the present situation of the company’s operations, Huang Chengsong began to seek change. Finally, the online shopping business, lit the recommended

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