How to choose a home textile store

home textile shop is very much, home textile brand is also very much, choose what brand, what address can open good home textile shop? Xiao Bian on this issue for us to carry out a detailed introduction.

skills 1: select the appropriate industry category

open home textile stores how to choose shop? Located in the transportation station shop, should be based on the daily necessities and low price and easy to carry consumer goods. Located in the vicinity of residential shops should be integrated consumer goods management. Located in the vicinity of the office of the shops should be based on the management of cultural office supplies, and commodity grades should be higher. Located in the vicinity of the school shops, stationery, food, daily necessities.

two skills: "bangdakuan"

is the shop opened in the famous chain stores or a strong brand shop nearby, and even can be opened next to it, how to choose a home textile stores? Not only can save the time and energy to study the market, but also with their brand effect to attract customers.

skills three: select the spontaneous formation of a market segment

in real life, the management department does not have a street, a market what to make the provisions of the operation, how to choose a home textile store? However, in the long run, a street will spontaneously form a concentrated market to sell a commodity".

tips four: choose to have independent facade

open home textile stores how to choose shop? Some stores do not have an independent facade, in front of the store will naturally lose the independent advertising space, but also makes you lose in front of the store to play marketing wisdom space, which will bring great trouble to the promotion.

skills five: understand the purchasing power of people around the shops

purchasing power is dependent on the existence of people, the purchasing power of the quantity, quality determines the basic value of the shops in the shopping district. Of course, in those areas where the purchasing power of strong purchasing power, the high value of the shops, the cost is also higher.

skills six: see people flow

shops ultimately determine the income flow. The real support shops are fixed flow, followed by the flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway station).

tips seven: choose roadside shop

shop is located at one side of the road, a road, and two directions of the passenger flow, the value below the corner shop, is the most common form of shops in the street.


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