Two problems should be paid attention to in building promotion atmosphere

feel different atmosphere to others is not the same, in the shop when doing business, we must create good atmosphere, promotion should pay attention only to the atmosphere, atmosphere, can give customers a good shopping experience, so as to enhance the store sales and profits. So, how to create a store promotional atmosphere? Xiao Bian think you have to pay attention to two issues, one does not affect the normal operation of the store, one is to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality and freshness of the content of the activities. Here are the details:

1, does not affect the normal operation of the store

to create an atmosphere to attract popularity, but the ultimate goal is to these people into passenger flow, so that consumers are affected by the atmosphere to pay for the purchase of goods. If some of the activities to create an atmosphere to consumers shopping, shop operators to bring inconvenience and trouble, it is absolutely The loss outweighs the gain..

to create an atmosphere does not interfere with the normal operation of the store, we must pay attention to timing, location, the choice of ways. To create an atmosphere of consumer choice started down, people began to decrease when the flow shop is timely, to enhance the popularity. If the store is saturated, you can temporarily stop the atmosphere to create. Giveaways site can be arranged in the vicinity of the cashier or near the exit, so that consumers in the payment or open the way to avoid consumer queuing charge, cause a waste of time, but also to avoid the obstacles on the scene of action. Some time-consuming activities, such as sweepstakes, can be arranged outside the shop, to prevent the occurrence of congestion in the store, but not too far away from the store, it is best to close next to the store.

2, the content of the activities to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality and freshness

doing propaganda, not all activities are unavoidably to inform consumers, keep some "cards", to bring the audience. To create an atmosphere means not to make all the time out, otherwise it is easy for consumers to lose freshness, lower expectations. In order to ensure that consumers can have a different experience in the activities of the whole day, the market will be displayed one by one.

at the beginning of the day of the event, mainly to distribute leaflets, broadcast promotional language, etc. to attract a part of the popular. When a certain basic flow of people, can be organized sweepstakes, prize quiz and other activities to raise the atmosphere. At or near the end of the second half, with the atmosphere of the scene to release some "hidden tricks", such as the consumer that, in order to repay the majority of consumers to participate in activities at the scene, temporarily decided to launch some goods limited promotion, or is the implementation of more preferential activities, can take the atmosphere to a climax.

believe that we now know how to make the store atmosphere better, right? I hope this article can help you to create promotional atmosphere should pay attention to two issues, not recommended

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