Beijing, a suspect was caused by the death penalty sentencing 3 dead 8 injured

last year in Beijing and cause social concern, butt case in yesterday’s verdict, the suspect was sentenced to death because of endangering public safety and intentional homicide. In December last year, this work led to serial butt case innocent bystanders killed 3 people, injured 8 people, extremely bad social impact.

in December 26th last year, with a vicious serial butt case occurred near the city of Beijing, Chaoyang District Workers Stadium, men’s gold back because of a dispute with the contradiction of Sanlitun economic management center, as retaliation, driving the car driver deliberately crashed to the economic management center, after the car has crashed into 11 civilians, killing 3 people, 8 people injured.

everyone may encounter unfair treatment in life, but it can not be illegal reason. Life is precious, arbitrary deprivation of life behavior should be punished by law, hope that this case can cause vigilance.

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