Ten low cost and high profit items free of charge!

who want to start a business, but for what? In order to better life, open luxury cars, live in the villa, but a lot of friends want to small business, it is necessary to choose a good investment projects! High profit products with low cost, to minimize the risk, so that entrepreneurs will soon realize the dream of getting rich! If you are looking for a business project and worry, then small series with a look at the following 10 low cost and high profit products, will have the inspiration to your


the product size, appearance and lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for 1.5 volt five batteries, can boost circuit this product unique internal settings, the voltage of 1.5 volts to 5.7 volts, can meet the mobile phone emergency charging.

the baby products market growing in recent years, the average annual increase of more than 17%, while the spoon is the daily necessities, has broad market demand. With ordinary spoon, baby feeding, watering, feeding, mother or nurse usually temperature by mouth, there is the possibility of disease infection, and sometimes with milk, water, soup, medicine etc. overheat and burn the baby. The product overcomes the disadvantages, and is more safe and convenient. Usually when you do not have to do household thermometer, can shoot two hawks with one arrow market prospects.

slip round is a kind of youth movement, the new trend of new products. Slip round to meet the young people enjoy skating and roller needs whenever and wherever possible. It can be set in the shoes little and dainty, walking on the line, but also issued a sliding color light, has become the focus of.

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