The three story of a man who was hit by a pie in the sky

a lot of times, opportunities can not be met. Some people tend to become rich is that they had the unexpected. Sometimes, the sky is really a pie fall hit a lucky man. Below, a look at the people who have been hit by the pie in the sky, see how they are to achieve the dream of getting rich!

1992 one day in November, a British living in Suffolk County huokesen farmers lost a hammer in the field ". So he got Eric ·, and Routh used a metal detector to help him find a hammer". In the process of looking for a hammer, Routh accidentally discovered 24 coins, 565 gold, 14191 silver and gold and silver spoon, jewelry and statues. These are the objects of the Rome empire. According to the British law, these so-called "Hoxne" belongs to the local government. Because they are "the property of the Lord", "the property of the Lord" belongs to the United Kingdom in accordance with the law. Nevertheless, the British government is based on fair market price to buy these "hoxne". The farmer and Routh gained 1 million 750 thousand pounds. Now, "Hoxne" permanent display in the British Museum, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors come to visit.

1992, a retired truck driver named Terry came to the local thrift store for a friend to buy a depression can be amusing gifts. She saw a pair of 3 square meters of painting. This picture is very ugly, but must be a funny music. After bargaining, Tilly the final price of $5 purchased this picture. But her friend did not accept this picture, because she thinks that this picture is so ugly and wouldn’t fit. Terry took it home, sold in the form of vintage. A local art teacher who saw the painting thought it might be Pollack’s painting. There is a great deal of controversy about the authenticity of the painting. In order to confirm the authenticity of the painting, Tilly please forensic experts do identification for this painting. The result of the identification is that a fingerprint on the painting is consistent with a fingerprint in Pollack’s studio.

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