E-commerce industry to promote the logistics industry to achieve a qualitative leap

e-commerce era, all walks of life in the innovation, the logistics industry is no exception, in fact increased business and even the development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry from the eleven point double peak can be seen.

"the Internet has begun to impact the real estate market pattern, due to the rise of Internet banking and other emerging industries, these companies for joint office needs increase, the future joint office will be more. At the same time, with the development of electricity providers, Shanghai logistics products need to expand the space." DTZ China strategic research department head ShaunBrodie told reporters.

According to the

At the same time, Shanghai city is a national large logistics market more active

, in 2011~2014, Shanghai recorded eight warehouse property transactions amounted to 4 billion 200 million yuan, is nearly four times the sum of the other first-tier cities.

the rapid growth of logistics real estate, but overall supply of modern logistics facilities far behind the growing demand.


Analysis of senior director of

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