How to invest in women’s apparel industry market prospects

to join the project is a good investment in your business success essential factors, and now all walks of life competition, the choice of what industry is good? Women’s market demand has been great, has a broad space for development, favored by franchisees. So what about the future of the industry?

1, financing efficiency. By listing can build a hundred years old platform, can bring a lot of money, change the capital structure, as of October 13th this year, the SME board listed companies financing amount of each company 688 million, plus bank loans, there are more than 1 billion 300 million of the funds, you can have more money than the competition advantage of scale.

2, listed after the placement. Convertible bonds and other diversified financing instruments for refinancing. For example, Septwolves in 04 years, 07 years can also re financing.

calculated in accordance with China’s export volume in 2008 46 billion pieces of clothing production, 29 billion 552 million, industry wide production of clothing exports 64.24% to carry out the production, and the basic part of the exports by OEM, ODM, for customers for overseas brands. Therefore, the future development trend of international famous brands will play an important role in the future development of China’s apparel industry in a long period of time.

"cloud like clothes look, women love clothes, as the love of life, no one beautiful woman clothes, like the life of sunlight. "A woman’s wardrobe is always a small piece of clothing, women’s clothing!" as eternal chase like the moths. "Update fast" is another major feature of women’s clothing, and a fashionable dress with the replacement of the four seasons will not wear too long. At the same time, with the body of pants / skirt shaped clothing, pants / skirt women of different ages edition, styles of different needs. The two aspects of the reasons for the rate of renewal of women’s clothing is much larger than other clothing, with other clothing the same profit, 2 – 3 times the rate of renewal, it is the business opportunities.


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