The need to invest much cost on Steam Museum

people’s living standard continues to improve, consumption capacity is constantly improved, for some former less consumption of industry consumption is also more, open the Steam Museum early to invest much money? The steam museum this investment projects but how many people are very optimistic about this, and to understand the specific open steam museum how much money, look at the cost of investment is not enough to choose their foot this project open steam museum how much money? The initial investment (one-time investment):

1, steam room project costs: 4000 yuan per square meter, the calculation of the size of the housing area of 20 square metres; 20M2× =8 million yuan (steam room all project costs and decoration costs).

2, shop base decoration: general store decoration costs according to the level of 180-480 ranging from, we take the median number of 380 yuan, according to the actual decoration of our flagship store, and did not meet the 380/M2 standard. Shop business area is calculated according to 100 square meters, including steam room area. 100M2× 380 yuan =3.8 million (including Ba Taiwan, the image of the wall, wardrobe, product display cabinets, sofas, etc.).

3, equipment acquisition costs: 3500 yuan + disinfection cabinet + + washing machine 1500 yuan =0.54 million; a one-time lump sum: 103 thousand and 400.

4, the monthly operating costs: rent: 2000 yuan calculated according to 100M2; 2× staff wages: 800 yuan =1600 yuan to 2 employees, the basic salary of 800 yuan, excluding Commission; hydropower: electric 30*30=900 water 5 tons of × 4 yuan × 30 days =600 yuan; D. fees: 500 yuan (including easy the consumption of goods); E. business tax: 1000 yuan per month; operating expenses subtotal: 6600 yuan.

5, three years of total operating expenses (36 months, excluding pre investment) $6600 / month × 36 months =23.76 million.

is open to analyze how much the cost of Steam Museum, may still have many deficiencies, I hope you forgive me, a decoration, product, management, service mode to make the support, do not need to join in the early. The shape of the cafe, the distance between the operator and the customer.

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