Analysis of the shop management way — A Carpenter Tan as an example

small store has a small store business, how to find it? "Here in this example to prove that the Carpenter Tan" analyze, I hope you can get scriptures from.

"Carpenter" trademark in 1995 officially registered, the carpenter family of Tan Chuanhua as the only choice of wooden products, while the original sales model is relatively simple and traditional, is the use of higgling, and the strategy to enter the market, then it is in reality about these are forced to open. Let the carpenter go step by step today the key, and the root cause of this series of results is coincidental, in other words that is proper good opportunity.

"does not receive franchise fees, renovation costs borne by the franchisee, the first purchase, sale or return" this series of articles are carpenter initially looking for franchisees requirements, while at the same time to store location, decoration, not what the special requirements of the development along this trend, in less than two years the time, the number of stores more than 100 homes, these are also let carpenter fast into people’s vision, a sales situation is that consumers, in the future, not only in the professional quality of Carpenter Tan, at the same time to shape the brand influence is also very focused on the dual role, the quality and brand to make it has strong competitiveness in the market, with the market competition intensifies, a single variety of sales has been unable to meet the diverse needs of the market, Carpenter Tan in the "dead end Also began the transformation of a number of product management and sales, but also on the type of comb and price levels were divided. Chain supermarket.

from Carpenter Tan appeared, people began to find that not only has a hair comb common person is Jiapin gifts.

see "Carpenter Tan" the operation of the road, I believe your entrepreneurial path will change a lot, it will be better and better.


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