2016 five profitable projects to share with you

there are a lot of people have entrepreneurial ideas, but there are a large part of people do not find a good project, for the majority of entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business, project selection and very important.

1, the open studio. From two points of view of practical and affordable, so you building a Pentium 4 computer configuration: 7000 yuan, a resolution of 1200dpi A4 image scanner 2000 yuan, a CD-R 1000 yuan, a resolution of 1200dpi A4 image scanner and other materials 2000 yuan fee of 5000 yuan. Facade decoration requires a lot of effort, because most of the visitors are more willing to accept new things, so the requirements of the store design chic.

this lease procedures are as follows: 1) a general choice of city commercial activity is concentrated area; 2) a wide range of advertising, using a variety of media, to allow customers to produce their own photographs of the security concept; 3) on artificial irrigation and automatic flushing knowledge brochure with all the staff; 4) women, women are not only cautious, and insist on secrecy than men more consciously and strictly; 5) the rental fee in accordance with the washing time and how to make comprehensive film double standard. Shall not be higher than the professional washing shop, they must be lower than, so as to attract customers; 6) the greater the industry is taboo for the quick act with undue haste. Those who can not stand the loneliness and long-term endurance is not suitable for this industry, the industry is more suitable for people over the age of 50 retirees.

2, convenience store. According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that in the department stores, supermarkets and other retail formats have shrunk sharply in the case of the convenience store has become the development of China’s chain industry model update highlights.

3, game player. Game player for playing the game of young people, not many people in our company, the majority of sales usually run out, and the boss was little, she sat alone in front of the receptionist, go to work every day in addition to take a few phone calls, copy data, daily work is on the computer, there are few people to watch her. Her every day to play online games, what is called the "Westward Journey", because the hook long time, a lot of practice, a lot of game equipment, actually sell equipment for virtual real money income even with her salary!! to be honest, ordinary people play the game is a kind of fun, where I have to make money! Admire her! This is a part-time online game to make money.

4, bean curd workshop. Bean products are indispensable in people’s daily diet, so there’s a big market recommended Doufufang

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