Open a small supermarket to make money

community next to the general supermarket is small, to meet the basic needs of people’s daily life, business is generally very good. Open a small supermarket to make money? You can choose to shop in the community, schools and other favorable locations, the probability of making money is still very large, so much concern businesses.

The direction of the market

how many money to open a small supermarket to earn a year? Opened two small supermarket, Mr. Huang said, now the market profit has been reduced, a small supermarket profit / how do not make money? The shop owner told reporters that customers generally do not care about expensive goods than the market corners, mainly for the sake of convenience, "the needs of daily life, we are here to supply." Have forgot to bring money to the customer, credit account one or two times is often the case. Although there are small things, but reflected in the details of the human, to win the reputation of the store business has been pretty good.

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