What help foreign students entrepreneurship

in recent years, China has made great efforts to encourage college students to start a business, and achieved some success. In fact, as early as abroad, there are many colleges and universities to provide students with a variety of support, and achieved good results, their successful experience is worth learning.

America: "business plan competition project

Yahoo, Excite, Netscape and other companies are born in the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Standford campus. Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s $50 thousand business plan competition has been 19 years of history, the impact is very large. According to statistics, the United States has performed the best 50 high-tech companies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Entrepreneurship Program competition in 46%. From 1990 to the present, there are five or six new companies born every year, and a considerable number of "plans" are being bought by millions of high-tech companies in recent years. These by the "business plan" directly hatched out of the enterprise, and some in just a few years to grow into an annual turnover of billions of dollars of large companies. A batch of entrepreneurs to get exercise and grow in the competition, winning the contest after the students mostly become leader of American high-tech enterprises. Venture capitalists have come to college campuses to look for future technology leaders.

in 1997 before the Asian financial crisis, South Korea does not accept students’ self employment, many college students after graduation, most desire is to enter a large company. Subsequently, the South Korean government in 3 years is recommended

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