What are the skills of Liu Wensheng’s cigarette marketing

how can we get a better marketing of cigarettes, which is a matter of great concern to every owner. Liu Wensheng is a client manager of Dengzhou cigarette customer service department in Henan. Speaking of cigarette marketing, Liu has a unique experience, in his words, called the cigarette client manager marketing "ax", do not underestimate this "ax", this is Liu Wensheng in the daily service businesses summed up the essence of.

marketing "axe": frequently visited

this is the first resort "frequently visited", is the best way to maintain the relationship between hospitality I. Frequent visits have skills, both to the tobacco companies’s corporate culture, the current marketing strategy, the importance of standardized management and other information accurately passed to businesses, but also to see the real interests of businesses. Therefore, when Liu Wensheng visited the market, will not only learn the knowledge imparted to fully display the cigarette business, also do it yourself to help them do the display, through their own help businesses feel profits. On the ground visits this trick, he and the relationship between the area of the business of a lot of harmony, feelings have subtle changes, businesses are willing to take the initiative to communicate, Liu Cheng small retail businesses intimate people.

marketing "two tricks": Notes

in sales visits, Liu always bring your notebook, each to a store, he always took a small notebook, this little book let businesses feel their views and suggestions is very popular, so love Frank tell him. Back to the marketing services, Liu will organize these notes in a timely manner, carefully written log, do the task decomposition. Every stage of the work summary, these notes for him to bring a steady stream of inspiration.

retail businesses what people at home, do what work, love what to say about what Liu are crystal clear. He can talk at the same time, can help businesses organize sales counters, analysis of dynamic retail businesses, the exchange of new market information, new cigarette brand etc.. He insisted on taking notes, the service merchant information classification is structured, which is relying on a small notebook, he will be the merchant’s demand for greater economic benefits.

marketing three board ax: multi patient

I am a customer manager, it should be patient service for retail businesses, Liu said so, but also to do so. Not long ago, Dengzhou city tobacco companies combined with the actual market, the introduction of new tobacco "Yellow Crane Tower (wannianhong), a merchant area and management ability are suitable for cultivation of the brand, but the business is quite conservative, she always doubts on the cultivation of new smoke this thing, do not dare to try. Liu every day to the merchants not to mind taking the trouble to explain and analysis, finally through the business results, the brand is sold in this shop.

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