Jiangsu farmers rely on electricity supplier revenue growth of 8.5%

the arrival of the Internet not only changed our life, but also to allow more business emerging markets, especially farmers rely on electricity suppliers carried out their own pace of build up the family fortunes. November 24th to 27, the provincial Party committee, deputy governor Yang Yue went to Yancheng, Nantong, Suzhou and other places, on the implementation of the thirteenth provincial Party Congress spirit, promote the increase of farmers’ income for research work. According to the provincial Commission investigation and statistics, this year, by the disaster weather, the province’s grain production is seriously affected.

for the grain market prices, such as the decline in the effectiveness of the adverse situation, the province to speed up the transformation of agricultural development, and effectively promote the steady growth of farmers’ income. Yang Yue pointed out that we should fully implement the thirteenth provincial Party Congress spirit, focus on innovation, focusing on enriching cohesion, the high level of comprehensive well-off society "goal, to promote the increase of farmers’ income as the priority among priorities of the rural work, increase the intensity of work, innovation initiatives, to broaden the channels for farmers’ income.

must adapt to changes in market demand, and actively promote the agricultural supply side structural reform, accelerate the quality of agricultural products with distinctive features and the development of marketable (000061 shares), to enhance the quality and efficiency of agriculture. To vigorously develop rural electricity providers, e-commerce to lead the development of specialty industries and agricultural sales, to promote more farmers to return home entrepreneurship.

should focus on to solve the WHO farming "problem, actively innovate agricultural management mechanism, cultivate new family farms and other business entities, the development of an appropriate scale. We should combine the construction of high standard farmland with the adjustment of agricultural structure and the improvement of the village environment, and constantly improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and continuously improve the rural environment.

Jiangsu farmers rely on electricity suppliers to increase income, indicating that electricity providers can not only prevail in the city, the majority of rural areas as long as the rational use of their own advantages, so you can develop a piece of their own world. Jiangsu province in the first three quarters, the per capita disposable income of rural residents was $13345, an increase of 8.5%, an increase of more than urban residents by 0.6 percentage points. Among them, agricultural e-commerce has become an important way to promote local farmers’ income, the first three quarters of this year the province’s agricultural e-commerce transactions amounted to 20 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 25%, has become a new bright spot in farmers’ income.

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