2016 10 thousand yuan do poineering work what good

1 million for the current consumer market is really a small sum of money, but almost what can be done, and if we can make good choices, but also can choose the appropriate business opportunities, so that their future life is full of more surprises. Of course, if you want to use 10 thousand yuan for venture capital, nature also need to choose business opportunities. So, in 2016 10 thousand yuan do poineering work what good? Let small make up to make a simple analysis.

2016 10 thousand yuan to do poineering work what good? Consignment shop

at present, some enterprises in order to broaden the market, reduce costs, the introduction of an agent in the sales system. Qualified entrepreneurs can work with these companies to open a shop. Consignment shop investment is small, the risk is small, usually in determining the place of business, the enterprise only to the agent to collect a certain deposit, no other big investment. Consignment shop operated by the manufacturers responsible for the delivery of goods, the price of a unified formulation by the manufacturers, after-sales service costs are also responsible for the manufacturers. As long as the entrepreneurs do a good job, you can get a fixed share.

2016 10 thousand yuan to do poineering work what good? Cultivation of aquatic flowers

aquatic flowers potted market along with the people the spirit of the pursuit of increased demand is gradually formed, the landscape and water landscape engineering of aquatic flowers are also increasing, so the project has certain market prospect. In addition to aquatic flowers like light, like temperature, humidity, fewer pests and diseases, high propagation coefficient, extensive cultivation, cultivation of small workload, low production cost, simple management, an introduction that can be effective, suitable for women entrepreneurship.

2016 10 thousand yuan to do poineering work what good? Handmade embroidery shop

entrepreneurs first learn the basic skills of hand embroidery, rent a shop in the downtown area, the initial investment of twenty thousand yuan. When the supply is more, can take the form of outward processing, the annual profit considerable.

2016 10 thousand yuan to do poineering work what good? Coarse nutritious breakfast

in the area, the school population is more intensive area rent a facade, operating a variety of coarse grains, cereals such as Rice porridge, pasta, such as millet, sorghum, corn, peanut, soybean, environmental health, clean, complete varieties, rich taste.

2016 10 thousand yuan to do poineering work what good? Flower painting

this is a new kind of decorative arts and crafts, mainly using non-toxic, aromatic, non polluting clothing special material flower mud, made by a simple process. The initial investment of the project is only 3000 yuan to buy raw materials, and does not require the basis of art, is a suitable form of entrepreneurship. >

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