Eight major psychological strategies to be used in food and beverage advertising

in order to enhance brand awareness, increase revenue, many restaurants entrepreneurs will choose to actively advertise, but often the effect difference is due to a lot of restaurants, entrepreneurs do not take heart advertising. So, how to do advertising? It is necessary to master the following eight psychological strategies.


to meet the psychological strategy derivable


, meet the psychological strategy for cheap

modern consumer food advertising has become increasingly attention, and meet customer psychological luck. In China, Chinese advertising to Geely naming has already appeared and spread, and has been popular. However, it has not only the names of the patent, some Western restaurants in order to meet the people pay attention to Geely’s traditional customs to advertising launch dishes and dishes are very particular about geely. As the Spring Festival in 2003, Guangzhou green rose launched a "good Italy" "rich hand" "full of gold and silver" and "Jetion" shining "good success" dishes.

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