Jewelry store management skills sharing

we know that the demand for jewelry, jewelry store is also very profitable. However, I would like to open a good jewelry store can not be so simple, there are many problems need to pay attention to. So how to do jewelry store management? The following eight strokes very practical.

A: site renovation and purchase is very important, the place is good or bad, is more important than the size of the store, the quality of the commodity is more important than the quality of the place.

Five: to be honest and trustworthy, customer to be kind, one price, advance into the store number, promotion price, price decrease will cause confusion and unhappiness, detrimental to the image.

to open a jewelry store, should be considered in many aspects, these eight aspects are all we need to pay attention to. Of course, the jewelry store business skills far more than these, it is necessary to operate in the usual time to slowly groping.


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