How to manage brand clothing franchise stores

is now in the social life, there are many different clothing store, in fact there are some brand clothing store appeared in a similar situation, affecting the business, so the monopoly store store should be novel and unique, has a unique style and fresh and elegant.

1. Store and trademark


2. Signs and signs

sign exclusive shops are increasingly being used, and from the plane into three-dimensional, from static to dynamic, active in the front of the store, attracting passers-by. For example, many clothing stores in the United States, in order to emphasize the personality of the store, at the entrance to set a large figure or animal statue, accompanied by a relaxed, pleasant advertising music, loved by customers. Japan Sichuan T tea and seaweed set a high different approaches but equally satisfactory results, about one meter of the dolls in the shop, the shop owner and the other is added on as like as two peas, exaggerated comic style, it every day in front of the shop to greet passers-by and courteous and accessible, the effect is very good.

3. Window

window is a clothing store store "eyes", this face is charming, this "eye" has a pivotal role. Window display is a kind of artistic expression and an important means to attract customers. Walk in a commercial capital of any commercial street, there are so many people watching, appreciate in front of the window, they crowded forward, talking is like appreciating a painting handed down. Champs Elysees in Paris recommended

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