How to open a clothing store customer reception

clothing stores need to master many skills, which welcome this one is key, master some basic skills of customers, stores can win more customers for your clothing, clothing stores business will be more good to do.

1. as the center of the customer: the customer on the production of Lu choice have anti grasp and principle, will not easily change them for others. Therefore, careful observation of their clothing, behavior, often he is the most concerned about the clothes he is most interested in, then the clerk should take the initiative to find a suitable size for him to try.

2. about uncertain customer: the customer choice often sometimes because of this or what causes shilly-shally, clerk should talk, initiative and base to understand the reason, standing in his position for his consideration, put forward suggestions, pay attention to the tone and content should be professional, and choose clear, do not let customers more hesitant.

3. talkative customers: customers should speak less, listen more. Timely access to products to satisfy the requirements of. Don’t argue with his views. If the business is busy, it is polite to retire, immediately turned to the other guests in the same service, do not ignore him.

4. words less customers: first careful observation, to determine their point of interest, and then take the initiative to talk about the advantages of professional products, etc..

5. tangled customers: first listen carefully to the reasons for their entanglement, and then take it away from the store.

6. customers: the quality of the product can withstand our most stringent checks should be critical customer confidence in the professional examination with more stringent standards to inform the customer, to understand the quality of the products can withstand scrutiny.

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