After 90 beauty story

why do we always talk about other people’s stories? Through other people’s stories, to motivate themselves, so that they better find the future direction. After 90 beautiful Li Ting, through their own efforts to change their lives, but also changed the attitude of many people after 90.

" many people Cafe " one of the shareholders of Li Ting

" in my 30 years old, I want to open a coffee shop, facing the sea, spring flowers. " this is 90 girl Li Ting’s dream, but also a lot of (hou4  nv3  hai2  li3  ting2  de0  meng4  xiang3  _ye3  shi4  bu4  shao3) or petty or literary or ordinary young man’s dream. />

if you use simple words to sum up, she used the three words: utopia!

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