Empty talk unreliable business success by practice

who can conceive castles in the air, but can be put into practice but scanty. So no matter how entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial idea novel, really dare to do but not much, finally only envy at others realize you had entrepreneurial idea.

creative cartoon character is like the head of the bulb, when the bulb shines, immediately let people realize: ideas have emerged in his mind. However, not every light bulb can realized as a table full of money, in the actual execution, may find that creativity is not easy product; or can not find suitable supplier to manufacture; it may not be the appropriate channel to sell, or even to find customers to buy. The master of business Leike AI University and innovation management class, a group of business people a headache problem. I thought about how to answer this question!

A: inventory of existing resources

also consider two aspects of market opportunities and existing resource conditions to filter the creative mind. This procedure can be used to know, which is more suitable for ideas which market opportunities, to further filter out what is suitable for business ideas.



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