Estee Lauder began to create beauty from hawk Empire

brand effect of the beauty industry is the key to attract consumers, as a continuous hot brand in the beauty industry, almost become a Estee Lauder unmanned women know beauty brand, Estee Lauder group to create the brand for many women to chase. However, this restaurant from the factory to manufacture the first bottle of skin care products business, whether it really has the power to decay for the magic? The whole network Xiaobian to introduce the Estee Lauder brand history.

20, · the beginning of the century, Lauder was born in New York’s Queen Street Italy immigrants block a Hungarian Jewish family. My parents run a hardware store. She is the ninth child in the family.

1930, 20 years old, and in between family and work, choose the former. She married in three years Joseph · Lauder, officially became Mrs. Lauder. After three years of marriage, they had their first child: Leonard.

, later recalled the time, she said: I work in the life of every day, with all sales related. If I believe in something, I will sell it and spare no effort.

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