For women entrepreneurs building blocks to the new small loans 100 million yuan

Benxi for women entrepreneurs preferential policies are constantly improving, and constantly play the "half of the sky," the strength, but also believe that with the support of the policy, more and more women will choose entrepreneurship.

3 24 days, reporters from the Municipal Women’s Federation was informed that this year the city will once again raise the financial discount women small secured loan amount, loan amount to exceed 100 million yuan, for women entrepreneurs get rich ".

They will strengthen the management system of

, carry out the tracking guidance to the county (District) women’s Federation take measures such as season scheduling, informed and timely, informed of the situation and problems of loans, from the source specification process, simplify procedures and shorten the time limit. In addition, we will strengthen publicity, set up a model to further improve the transparency of the policy, so that more people grasp the policy, know the policy, the application of policies, benefit from the policy.

has such preferential policies on women’s entrepreneurship usher in a good opportunity for women entrepreneurs "building blocks", is the full implementation of the "public business, the business" policy.



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