10 thousand yuan can also make your project

small business can also bring great wealth of 10 thousand yuan, which we can get rich entrepreneurial wealth, you can come to see, not to be missed.

1 universal what business do business


with the continuous improvement of living standards, and the family scale, pets have become more and more a part of people’s daily life, Chinese pet consumption has formed the scale. Some coastal cities in China have reached this level. Therefore, despite the major city Chinese government has enforced strict restrictions in pets, pet has increased in recent years. Thus, the pet industry in China is still a big money".

1 universal what business? Sichuan snack shop


as the car has entered thousands of households, as long as 2-3 million yuan of funds will be able to start the business, but due to the low requirement of washing technology, equipment is not complex, as long as there is a hard-working spirit, will soon be able to enter the state, it is an ideal way to ordinary citizens and laid-off workers venture investment. The chosen place of business do not have the same industry around the place of business management, must facilitate traffic, extending in all directions, to go straight, be located in the area, intensive family cars such as: gas station, parking lot in high-end residential etc.. The surrounding environment and facilities are also very important, such as the legality of the location of the operation, the source of electricity, water pipes, fire safety, parking space, etc..

1 universal what business magazine

to buy newspapers?

newspaper acquisition is hard, but it is a good way to make money, buy newspapers and magazines is hard, but if you know which profit? Not a newspaper to send a bike for you, can I have him 3000, 5000 or more, in addition to selling 5000 bicycles money newspaper to sell the paper money. There are hundreds of fashion magazines, send the value of 100 yuan of brand-name cosmetics, I bought him 1000 magazines, 100 thousand of the value of the gifts on hand, then the 1000 magazine dumping or sell scrap, also can find a home, I put the gift number out, a total of one hundred thousand flowers (20 yuan / A & times this gift is, 5000); 100 × 5000, do not


1 universal what business? Personality souvenir shop

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