How to manage the store to buy a good pass

any one of the shops, once the backlog of goods, the owner will become a very worried thing. As the old saying that good, the goods do not stay and self. Our retail business people are most afraid of what is backlog is unmarketable, is not to sell goods, goods can not find customers, is the capital occupied, a long time, the commodity is broken, shop slowly is not to move. How to let the shop "turn" up? Small to give you a lecture.

a lot of retailers counterparts will complain some commodity purchase back from a box is also sold, has been caused by the backlog of goods backlog, not money turnover, taking up, watching a little profit slowly let the backlog to eat, it can be done.

I think the most important thing is the store business, the most important thing is to update the commodity, the most important thing is to update the funds. No funds will be unable to purchase goods, no new products to attract customers, slowly shop flow, will only fall to put up the shutters. So it seems to be good for the business is too important. That how can the good purchase? Here I give you three.

the first move is to be cautious and cautious. With new products, new markets, to do careful observation, carefully pondering the premise is to have this class customers, this class customers will come to my shop to buy the shop, I will continue to look back, only to know these problems from the heart, to let go the introduction, in order to become a shop a new profit growth point, not a night to see this sorrow, regret it hard goods.

second strokes is actively looking for new products selling point. Is a commodity has a customer, or how to make the goods to flow out, the backlog of goods is that you do not have this store customers, does not mean that the goods do not have the market. From this perspective, we can understand that the backlog of goods are not sold goods. The customer who needs this product has not come yet.

a third is to resist the temptation. The new general merchandise in the promotion phase of the test, will take to benefit activities to attract the purchase, some shopkeepers see the goods, none, I’m afraid I cannot get profit for their peers give away, but do not think this is not a commodity to the store customers, is not able to sell go out.

even if there is a strong economic base, but once the backlog of goods, many people may become a problem of capital flow. So, if you do not want the backlog of goods, nature also need to do a good job purchasing. In short, as long as it can let the smooth flow of goods, naturally do not worry and the backlog.

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