Youth entrepreneurship in Foshan can enjoy one-stop service

in the current entrepreneurial tide, there have been more and more people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, leading to the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In this context, if the government can not provide the relevant services, the development of entrepreneurship for investors will naturally have a great impact. To this end, Foshan provides one-stop service, so as to encourage more young entrepreneurs.

recently, Foshan United University, high-tech industry association, Youth Chamber of Commerce, the public record of space research resources, promote the construction of the "Youth Exchange" was officially launched, this also means that whether college students or workplace youth, can enjoy "one-stop" services in the Foshan high tech Zone venture.

"one-stop" practice entrepreneurial dream "green export business 18 relying on the construction of MALL, is a complex of Foshan high tech Zone to build specifically for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, but also an important part of Neusoft Southern China IT business park, from office facilities, to value-added instructor training, investment and financing, and then the subsequent industrialization can undertake. To achieve a one-stop."

, director of the Foshan high tech Zone, Nanhai District Party committee deputy secretary Liu Taogen said, "the Foshan high tech Zone Innovation across the country invited to R & D team, entrepreneurs and scientific research institutes, to jointly build individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team to group the entrepreneurial chain, and ultimately realize to the industrial transformation of the entrepreneurial dream."

entrepreneurship in line with the actual needs of the manufacturing industry in Foshan youth entrepreneurship is not enough ideas, but also need more follow-up support." Zhang Hantao is Guangdong Rui create board technology Co. Ltd. general manager told reporters that the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship must have a complete "industrial chain" for supporting, but also to meet the actual manufacturing industry in Foshan city at present.

it is understood that the Foshan high tech Zone is an important part of the Pearl River Delta National Innovation Demonstration Zone, is the test area of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou cooperation in high-speed rail Economic Zone (Guangdong Park) is located, now has 8 National incubators, 1 national public record, more than and 270 high-tech enterprises. Park accumulation platform of Tsinghua University Foshan innovation center, Guangdong University of Technology Institute of Foshan, the number of Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute and the carrier, with surrounding China Normal University, Guangdong Institute of light industry, Career Academy and other institutions of higher learning, teachers and students more than 40 thousand people, the future is committed to the construction of regional innovation center and youth entrepreneurship gathering area.

currently, Foshan high tech Zone for the majority of young entrepreneurs, is actively developing robots, 3D printing, new light and bio medicine, "Internet plus" as the current hot industry. Including Neusoft Southern China IT business park, craftsmen hit off the exchange of public record space, high tech Zone is committed to providing a set of office holder, instructor training, investment and financing, administrative services, and a function of talent apartment off coffee, etc. in one of its roadshow center service.

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