Qi Jiahui institutionalized management so that the clerk is convinced

how to do a good job after the shop hired a clerk? This is a problem that many shopkeepers are worried about. As a small boss, Qi Jiahui is how to do it? Before I opened the supermarket, I worked as a chief in a factory. I went home to open the supermarket after the factory closed down. After years of hard business, my supermarket development, now has a more than and 200 square meters large supermarket. Two years ago, I shop to hire six employees since I became a small boss worthy of the name. I shop in the strict implementation of the "management", from the recruitment of staff, to the clerk management, will be in accordance with a set of strict management system.

as the saying goes, the clerk is the lifeblood of the store, a good clerk will bring unexpected leap to the store business. Therefore, when the shop assistant, I will break the "cronyism" recruitment from the relatives of the children of the rules, I posted recruitment notices in front of the store, the clerk of outstanding merit. First, the recruitment of staff to pass a written examination, interview two off.

some people say that I am not a Big deal, is the recruitment sellers who do, need such a big fuss? I do not think so, the clerk’s cultural quality and personal accomplishment, related to the reputation of the store and the rise and fall, the high quality of the shop is very important. If a clerk is not good at computing, he can’t work more efficiently. If the quality of a clerk is not high, it can not be a good customer service.

and I have a certain degree of personal image of the clerk, looks dignified, tall or short stature, not fat not thin. The high value of the clerk will leave a good impression on the customer, can attract customers into the store shopping. The figure is too high will be convenient to squat; too low and couldn’t reach the height of the goods shelves, too fat action is not convenient, too thin to get some heavy goods will do. From the source will be good to fight, so as to recruit into the shop every one of the staff are excellent quality, convenient for future management.

Based on the

when the cadres management experience in the factory, I shop for a set of stringent "staff management system", from the staff, working hours, to be late, full attendance and rewards to some details of the work reward management and so on, and posted on the wall of the supermarket, to facilitate compliance and mutual supervision. Now after 90, 00 more difficult to manage, more of their nightlife, get up late in the morning, and some do not take the job of the supermarket clerk.

I have just recruited a number of staff, there is a 00, after work in the evening to go out to play late, so sometimes will be late for ten minutes or half an hour or so. In fact, the time of the morning the customer is not much, if it is just a clerk late does not affect the supermarket business, but in accordance with the supermarket system, the clerk was late to be punished, fined one yuan a minute late. The results, when the end of the month salary, I just and stern fined the staff wages after 00. On the contrary

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