Which industry is the best choice for female entrepreneurs

now, the social status of women is improving, many women have the courage, mind, the way to choose entrepreneurship, and create music belongs to her own wonderful life. Want to succeed in business, in the choice of the industry must be careful, for women, to ensure the smooth development of the future, it is important to win at the starting line. So, in the confusion of the market, the female entrepreneurs choose what good? Xiaobian introduce you.

1, flower industry

open a flower shop has many advantages, is a small investment, rent a shop in the market, do not be too big, the cost of a quarter of a turn, with the necessary facilities, maintain the normal import of goods, the initial investment of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan to the general; two is the rapid turnover of flowers, turnover period short, quickly frequently a very flexible, even if not to change the backlog of goods; three is conforms to the trend of consumption, the consumption of fresh flowers and the living standards of the people and culture are closely related, with the continuous progress of society and constantly improve the cultural quality of the people, the flower market will be more and more.

2, accessories industry

from Golmud, Lhasa, Chengdu or Xining purchase Tibetan accessories, such as copper and silver jewelry, semi precious stones, coral jewelry, jewelry hanging in the neck of the light round, color woven bag; can also go to Jiaodong and Nantong friends group into the local red peony cloth, blue calico, batik lace. 2016 women do what most money? Dianzhi University of choice surrounding area, especially around the arts and normal colleges. Note that custom accessories store mostly belong to the slow type, just opened and can not guarantee that the business is booming, but after a period of time, regular customers will be more and more, the business will be better.

3, beverage industry

modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of food, especially in the original taste of food. The sale of fresh squeezed juice is to cater to the needs of the city. The customer came, the juice is squeezed to sell now, that is, drink go, like what kind of fruit on what kind of fruit. Open the juice house, you need only a dozen square meters of indoor area is enough, but the decoration must be delicate point, the best indoor set into a fruit shape. Then put a meter long inside the bar, try to squeeze some of the fruit as much as possible to do everything. Just imagine, the counter placed a cup of yellow orange juice, milk white coconut juice, pink, red Fresh Carrot Juice Watermelon Juice, how beautiful, how attractive! Fruit juice house not to set the table, as long as enough stools, thus temporarily for customers to use, it also can accelerate the traffic transfer. It is estimated that the creation of such a small investment of 30 thousand yuan, you generally need to be in business with a small capital, the principle of small profits, the cost can be recovered soon.

4 consulting industry

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