How to open a bakery

many food and beverage investors have the idea of opening a bakery, because the project investment funds are relatively small, the investment risk is not large. So many small investors are very optimistic about the bakery investment projects. But how can we shop, which is a lot of entrepreneurs in the beginning of the novice will encounter a headache problem, the following small series specifically for how to open the bakery to make the following specific introduction.

the first stage – easy to do a good job in the preparation of investment psychology

1, the bakery boss must personally from everything, wholeheartedly for.

and the operator should have personal qualities are:

A. to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, confidence, determination and perseverance, will not be frustrated because of a little setback;

B. every thing should be carefully prepared to have 24 hours without rest of the spirit of


C. to obtain the cooperation and understanding of the members of the family, but also the general management knowledge and baking products expertise;

D. at any time to ask the industry veteran experience, often they inadvertently a word, you can save a lot of time and cost Oh!

E. don’t do the boss around, have superior, do not care about doing things the humble spirit;

2, preparatory work:

A. began to prepare for the funds, and determined to open a large shop.

B. when determining the size of the funds and shops, it is necessary to prepare the source of technology and hire employees, they can also do a job.

C. next is the site to determine whether to open in the bustling streets next to the market, or residential areas near.

D. in addition to the needs of the local food market, consumption status, consumption capacity, the residents of the eating habits and competition with the industry to conduct a more detailed investigation.

After the

E. survey, you’ll have to make further feasibility studies.

F. will then assess the turnover and market share.

G. good place, now you can select the pavement according to the scale of operation.

second – stage pavement rent, started the preparatory work before the opening of

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