How to resolve the contradiction of the first venture

friends for the first time in terms of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to face more contradictions, timely resolve conflicts, in order to allow the future of the road to go more smoothly. So, for the first time entrepreneurs who will face what contradictions? How to resolve conflicts? Xiaobian this will take you to see.

What are the contradictions between

contradiction of the three procedures:

A, anatomy. Once the project is identified, it is dangerous to proceed immediately. Because the project is fully investigated and then retreat. The ownership of information is not the same as the understanding of information. Anatomy is the way to understand the elements of the project. The anatomical way is peeling after grasping the key.

two, validation. After the implementation of the inspection of the elements of the project one by one to prove whether it is feasible or not. If you can complete the project before the scale of the main content of the project is directly related to the success or failure of investment. There are usually two important points in the manufacture of a product: first, technology, and the two is the market. The test object: advanced degree, core and related technologies, techniques, equipments, special tools, environmental requirements, specific standards for packaging and storage, also recommended

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