Eryinda pasta workshop management introduction

pasta is enduring business projects in the catering sector, although it is not what ordinary attractions, but as we are thirsty to drink water, cold to add clothes, pasta had become part of our daily life. Open a pasta shop is a good choice. Eryinda pasta workshop is a project of the development of the catering industry’s most promising, there are a lot of stores in the country, Eryinda pasta shop operation simple easy Fang Fang Eryinda pasta, sincerely invite you to join us.

Heilongjiang Eryinda food science and Technology Development Co. Ltd is a professional food processing technology research and development, teaching of food processing technology, food processing technology consulting services for the integration of scientific research units. The company with the National College of food science researchers, Food Technology Association has a good close exchanges and cooperation. Chinese today’s market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, constantly exposure to new things, new ideas at the same time, Eryin Master after more than twenty years of time, in reference to the ancestral Clay oven rolls production cheats at the same time, the use of pure natural plant ingredients, combined with modern advanced technology, successfully developed the technology of micro entrepreneurs more than a thousand, launched special Eryinda series of incense, loose, soft, crisp, crisp pasta boutique.

company’s products with its unique flavor. Many varieties are popular with consumers. The best combination Eryinda series food and unique characteristics, won the industry association’s praise. A cake for Master is worthy of the name Wang Er to the tenacity, integrity, passion, simple character, with the successful experience of the twenty years, a strong technical team, strong financial strength, good customer service service. To sincere cooperation can become permanent, development idea, firm cooperation a friend’s life and faith, to help more entrepreneurs, laid-off workers, unemployed workers, college students and vulnerable groups of successful entrepreneurs, to success. Hand in hand Brilliantness and entrepreneurs! Enterprise purpose: to carry forward the food culture. Create delicacy boutique. Helping vulnerable groups. Creating harmonious home enterprise mission: rooted in green, Storage health. Project positioning: tailored for small and medium investors micro entrepreneurial projects, copy the success of product positioning: green nutrition, the staple food. Business philosophy: sincere cooperation and win-win business philosophy: permanent, hand Eryinda, success in your life.

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