Hefei Metro Line 1 is the first bus

with the rapid economic development of Hefei, the subway was inaugurated in 2012, and now the Metro Line 1 opened soon, the whole city can not only alleviate the huge traffic pressure, the key is to be for the majority of people travel to provide maximum convenience. After the Metro Line 1, the opening of trial operation, the first few people can sit on the subway? How long does it take to every subway subway ticket departure interval? What? With so many questions about the people, the following Xiaobian together and detailed understanding of it.

9 month 18 days, reporters from the Hefei city rail transportation company was informed that the line 1 passengers, the public is expected early 6 when sitting on the first subway train; the initial operation of 7~8 minutes; East Gate four stations will be crowded.

people are expected to take the first subway train 6 points

After the end of the opening of the line

1 trial operation, the public can buy a car, for fear of crowding the bus, taxi on the road for fear of congestion, the subway is certainly the best choice. Recently, many people want to know is, the first subway train, what time will start it?

Xu Binbin, deputy director of the Hefei urban rail transit company operating branch dispatch ticket office revealed that the early bus time will be the maximum limit to meet the needs of the Hefei public car ride to work on. From the current situation, in general, the people of Hefei normal working hours is 8, while referring to other city subway line No. 1 is considered standard, when the first train departure time is 6 or 6:30 to be finalized.

and for the public concerned about line 1 subway line of the last train, Xu Binbin said, this is still under study. "The last time, in addition to considering the No. 1 along the line of the HeFei Railway Station, Hefei high speed rail station and other passenger traffic at night, while also taking into account the actual situation of subway operation and season."

Xu Binbin said that the new opening of the city subway, in general, the end of the day will be relatively early bus. For example, when the Wuxi subway just opened a few months, the end of the operation at 21 o’clock in the evening. After that, with the gradual development of the habit of people traveling by subway, the gradual increase in passenger traffic, the last bus time will be adjusted accordingly.

initial 7~8 minutes to send a bus

previously published information from the point of view, 1 lines were equipped with a total of 26 trains, as of now there are already completed the production of the 22 train, was transported to the Zhujianglu Road depot. Xu Binbin revealed that the recent train to the section is being carried out a variety of debugging work, the remaining 4 trains will be in place in November this year.


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